World-wide known, Marbella is a must-see for all those who visit Málaga

World-wide known, Marbella is a must-see for all those who visit Málaga. Both posh and traditional, discover how to get there and what is has to offer.


What is Marbella?


Marbella is a small city located at the province of Málaga, in Andalusia, South Spain. But probably you heard everybody talks about Marbella. It’s a paradise for rich people in South Spain: lots of Hollywood stars have a house at the VIP area or a boat at its harbour. Yes, Marbella is all of this, but much more, because in it’s origin is a typical Andalusian whitewashed village of narrow and labyrinthic streets and flowers on the walls. Its Old Town is one of the most beautiful and well preserved in all Málaga province, with beautiful hidden corners and decorated by the Mediterranean bougainvillea everywhere.


What to see at Marbella

Marbella is not a big city, but if you want to visit its two main areas, you will need to Rent a Car, to take public transport or to walk. These areas are Marbella’s Old Town and Puerto Banús.



Marbella’s Old Town is a pleasure to the visitor. It still has the structure of the ancient arab village with narrow streets and white walls, something you really love in Andalusian summer, when sun is merciless. It’s full of cozy corners to discover and it’s full of a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Shopping lovers will love to wander around to discover boutiques and artisan shops. This area of the city has not important monuments, but it’s always full of life and people. You will find the heart of Old Town is Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Square). Anyway, if you want to visit some typical and interesting places, here are some you can choose among: Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (Marbella’s main church); Muralla del Castillo (Ancient Castle’s wall) or Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo (Engraving Museum).



Puerto Banús is a harbour, but not the only one Marbella has. The city itself has its own harbour, called Puerto Deportivo de Marbella, next to Avenida Duque de Ahumada. Puerto Banús is a luxury harbour closer to the hamlet called San Pedro de Alcántara. Puerto Banús was built in the 1970 for Europe’s jet set, although soon became an international meeting point. When we refer Marbella can be posh, we are talking mainly about Puerto Banús: most expensive firms have a shop at Puerto Banús, and the richest people in the world will have a boat at its marina. It’s a must-see for luxury lovers, but you must keep in mind you can’t get here from Marbella walking, unless you have lots of time and you want to walk a lot: it’s about 7 km. from Marbella’s Old Town.


How to get to Marbella

Well, although Marbella is really wealthy, has no airport! To get there you must arrive to Málaga International Airport and stay in a village at Costa del Sol. Why do we suggest this? Because Marbella is not well connected to other places and if you want to visit other cities as Granada and many touroperators don’t pick up at Marbella. If you want to visit other places at Andalusia, keep one day for Marbella, but don’t stay there.


So, once you’re at Costa del Sol the easiest way to get to Marbella is by car or on an organized trip. Local train doesn’t get to the city and buses are a headache: bus station is far from Old Town and connections from other cities are a nightmare! Our advice? Here it goes:


Getting to Marbella by car from Costa del Sol: if you decided to Rent a Car and you’re staying at Málaga, Torremolinos, Benalmádena or Fuengirola, it will take you maximum 1 hour to arrive to the city. There is a really comfy payment motorway, but toll is expensive: around 5 euros at low season and 7 euros at high season. If you don’t mind to take a little bit more to get there and you want to enjoy the seaside road, use the A-7 highway instead of AP-7 motorway.


Visiting Marbella on an organized tour: for those who don’t like to drive abroad, this is your option. Touroperators offer mainly two kinds of tours to visit Marbella:


Marbella & Puerto Banús: half day trip, including a guided visit to Marbella’s Old Town and free time at Puerto Banús. Available only on high season.

Mijas, Marbella & Puerto Banús: we can say it’s a three quarters day trip. There is no guided visit but you will enjoy free time at these different places, including the beautiful mountain village of Mijas with its funny donkey-taxis and miniature museum. This tour is available on different days all year round.


If you can’t find these tours at our website, contact us through e-mail and we will find a way to take you to Marbella! ;)

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